Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Is Your Fruit?

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming or just sitting and complaining about what you don’t have? That could be…that I have not a spouse, have not children, have not a Mercedes or Lexus or five-bedroom house…I think you get the point. Even though Philippians 2:14 says, “Do everything without complaining and arguing.”Why is it that we always want what we don’t or can’t have? This goes back to the garden where we listen in on a conversation between Eve and the serpent in Genesis 3:2-6. Prior to this conversation God very clearly told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden or they would die. How much clearer could HE make it? Somewhere in there, just like Eve, we start thinkin’ (like we know more than God) hmmm, something sure does look appealing about that tree (man/woman, job, party)….of course it looks appealing, everything has more appeal when we are told not to touch it, marry it, buy it, look at it, or taste and try it. Let me ask you a question….How many of you have children? And as sure as I am talking to you right now, when you tell them not to do something, you might as well just brace yourself ‘cause they are bound to find a way to do it--98 percent of the time. And so the saga continues--the serpent is still talkin’….and we’re still listening. Let’s take a second to consider why we listen to the serpent. Ah, our sin nature from our parents in the garden. Maybe it is because we like what he is saying….it agrees with our fleshly desire or maybe we just flat out don’t really believe God. We are drawn to what Satan is saying, especially when he is saying something we like. No, no, no….I got it--we are depending on God’s love and forgiveness to overlook our flirtation with sin instead of looking at the whole character of God! Check out Ephesians 5:3-6, but let me draw your attention to verse 6, “Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God's wrath comes on those who are disobedient.” Sounds clear and consistent to me. Throughout Scripture God stresses the importance of obeying Him and fleeing our sinful desires. What has listening to the serpent gotten you in the past? Haven’t you lost enough? I am sure that just like Adam and Eve it’s gotten you kicked out or separated, you’ve lost many things--maybe everything, had to work harder, and brought more misery in your life than you would have expected…. if you’re going to be honest. So don’t you think it’s time to wise up? When Satan tries to remind you of your “have nots” or to tell you something that’s in opposition to what God says, you tell him, I have all that I need according to my Father’s will. “I ‘want nothing’ to do with that.” What have you had your eye on? What has Satan been tempting you with? Has God said, yes, no, or wait? If God said yes.…it will come without you having to push or rush it….do you hear me ladies.…wait for that man, don’t push, don’t rush it. Men, likewise, don’t pick a woman if you can see everything she is offering because everyone else can too, make sure she has godly character. If God said no….leave it alone and don’t believe the lies Satan is telling you as he tries to sweet talk you into disobeying God. Other lies are….your biological clock is ticking, or if you don’t take the first job offer that comes you may not get another offer and the job market is tight. If God said wait, then wait! How much clearer does HE need to make it? HE already says it in every language known to man, including sign language. If you are sure you didn’t get a yes, and positive you didn’t get a no, trust me….You’ll know the wait is over if and when HE brings it whatever “it” may be.

Is there a forbidden fruit you have been struggling to let go of? Are you ready today to trust wholeheartedly that God knows what is best for you and that HE doesn't withhold what is good for you? Do you really believe God is God?

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